good reads: Put A Egg On It

Next to each other on the CVS magazine rack were Cosmopolitan and Glamour. Their headlines read: “First, Take Off His Pants” and “His Naked Body, Explained.” Magazine culture, you disgust me. Luckily I have more riveting literature to read on the train than these revisions of 11th grade sex ed. Most often the reading has to do with food. And most recently it was this. Put A Egg On It.

It’s a new zine about food, community and memory. This second issue features essays, photo-essays, poetry, recipes, memoirs and drawings with contributions from all over the map: amateurs cooking with inherited quirks and chefs well-initiated into the world of food. My favorite essay is a piece about eating through a breakup by Elizabeth Pearce. She explores the role of food in human relationships – how we gift it to each other to grow our bodies, how we create feasts to celebrate bonds – and the ways we find to starve away grief when it comes.

Issue 2 also includes a playlist of songs that feature beans, tips for keeping your cut avocados green and a poem inspired by Vernor’s Ginger Soda. The project is put together by Ralph McGinnis and Sarah Keough of Brooklyn-based R&S Media. They also have a fabulous blog called Print Fetish that’ll point you toward other fun small circulation reads.

Here’s a video of someone flipping through this issue – it’s so lovely!

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